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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Big Texas "Hell No!" on Gonzales

Daily Kos has called for the blogosphere to respond and Corked Bats is right there with 'em. Alberto Gonzales should not be Attorney General. Democrats should cast their votes in line with American values and resoundingly reject torture. Moreover, they should reject his record of covering up for George Bush. And they should unequivocally say no to Gonzales because of his deplorable record of callousness toward human life in the years in which he counseled Bush in death penalty clemency pleas.

No on Gonzales.

A thousand times no.

Just came here on the link from Kos. NO to Al "Abu Ghraib" Gonzalez for AG! Good to know there are other progressive voices in Dallas.

O/T, I'd be interested to see that a chapter of Drinking Liberally be established in Dallas. I probably can't organize and consistently host/show up, etc. (kids/school/other time commitments), but think it should just exist in Dallas. I'd go when I could.

I dropped off info. to the owner of the Stoneleigh P bar (on Maple at Wolf St., across from the Stoneleigh Hotel). No response yet. Any other ideas?


tmarking AT
Dear Corked Bat:

You have put up a very unique and visual site.

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rk (ma school of law)
I was searching for blogs that had Dallas, TX in them and came across yours. I live in Dallas and have a self defense school. I like the posts on your blog, so I've bookmarked it to stop back by periodically. Take care.
I was looking for blogs referring to Dallas and found yours. Great blog! I'm in Dallas and here's some info about me
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